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R&D Journal File Library 1991 Volume 7 No 1 to 3
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Welcome to R&D Journal File Library for 1991

Volume 7, Number 1 to 3

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: While the PDF files of the journal papers are freely downloadable, The South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering asserts its copyright to the papers published here. No part of the papers may be reproduced without full acknowledgement of the source and written permission from the Institution. The papers or their PDF files may not be displayed publicly on any other website. The PDF files of the papers may be stored or printed for individual bona fide research purposes only but not for commercial gain.

R&D Journal 1991 Volume 7 No 1 to 3

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Analytical model improvement using experimental... PDF (936.31 KB)  more ] 2011/04/08
The experimental optimization of an annular dump PDF (1.81 MB)  more ] 2011/04/08
Steam cycles for waste heat recovery: A case study PDF (1.34 MB)  more ] 2011/04/08
Modelling gas flow in a direct injection... (ii) PDF (1.49 MB)  more ] 2011/04/08
Modelling gas flow in a direct injection... (i) PDF (1.45 MB)  more ] 2011/04/08
The Atkinson cycle revisited for improved part-loa PDF (1.24 MB)  more ] 2011/04/08
Laminar pipe flows accelerated from rest PDF (1.41 MB)  more ] 2011/04/08
Die verhitting van swembaddens in Suid-Afrika: PDF (1.23 MB)  more ] 2011/04/08
Applying Nonlinear Smoothers to Remove lmpulsive PDF (945.42 KB)  more ] 2011/04/08
Prediction of stall inception in an axial flow com PDF (1.78 MB)  more ] 2011/04/08
Pulsed Ruby Holography in Vibration Studies PDF (607.71 KB)  more ] 2011/04/08
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